Tai Chi Sword, Sabre & Stick


Sword practice and movements are inspired by Chinese mythology, cosmology, and history.

The practice of sword form is fluid and gracious, comparable to lace or fine embroidery. It is executed at a moderately fast pace with a few speed changes or jumps.

It includes 51 movements. For more details, see the forms page


The Sabre form is distinguished from the Sword form by speed of execution and force. Comprising few movements, it is executed at a fairly rapid rate and is interspersed with explosive power bursts and heel strikes during certain transitions.

It includes 38 movements. For more details, see the forms page


This form is similar to the Sabre form as it uses the same foundations and the same energy, and is practiced in the same state of mind. We use two wood or bamboo sticks. Certain writings indicate that Master Tung Huling developed this form because weapons (swords) were forbidden in Hong Kong. With this form we are in a Yang environment, unlike the sword, which is more Yin.

Advanced forms are only taught to Tai Chi Club students who have completed the basic Yang form.

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