Please respect the following guidelines:


  1. Every student must be treated with respect regardless of how experienced they are. Do not bully other students or provoke aggression.
  2. Beginners mind
    All new members begin at the beginning, regardless of prior experience.
  3. Commitment
    It will be assumed that students practice between classes. Those with regular attendance will receive priority with lessons.
  4. Composure
    Attend classes with calm and relax mind, if you become excitable or upset, step aside, relax and meditate to calm down. Good humour is encouraged.
  5. Students are expected to help each other
  6. No chewing gum, mobile phones during classes
  7. Attire
    Wear loose clothes or our club T-shirt for training, DO NOT wear jeans and other tight clothes.
    Wear light flat shoes, NO sandals or slippers
  1. Ask your teachers if you have any questions


I, the undersigned, acknowledge and recognize the following aspects as relates to my participation in any and all events related to the activities of the Tai Chi Club:

  1. I am familiar with and accept that there is always the risk of serious injury and death resulting from participation in any organized recreational activity, including the demonstrations, competitions and like activities offered as part of the program of the Tai Chi Club;
  2. I understand that all applicable rules of safety regarding my participation must be followed;
  3. I will immediately remove myself from participation, and notify the nearest official if at any time I sense or observe any unusual hazard or unsafe condition or if I experience any problems in my physical, emotional or mental fitness, or that of my equipment.
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