To describe this form, we have translated the comments of its creator, Sifu Tung Ying-chieh.

Fast Tai Chi is the result of superior combat skill. It requires practice and creativity.  It can be quick or slow, slow for shifting, constantly alternating between yin and yang. It is a real situation. It is the mind. It is mastery, agility, intelligence, and perfect posture. Advanced students need more than three years of hard work to master this difficult-to-understand form.

It includes 31 movements. For more details, see the list of movements on the forms page


Fa – issue, discharge

Jin – power

This form is based on rapidly issuing or discharging power. This form is 95% the same as the traditional Yang form, except for the transitions between the 2nd and 3rd parts, as well as a few other movements and transitions.

It is difficult in itself to execute correctly, because of its fast pace. Students generally have trouble issuing this fine and powerful energy that is Fa Jin.

Advanced forms are only taught to Tai Chi Club students who have completed the basic Yang form.

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