Tung Ying-chieh Alumni in Hong Kong 2006

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2006 – Tung Ying-chieh Family gathering

In 2006 Master Jasmine Tung, daughter of the great grand master Tung Ying-chieh organized this great event.

Over 500 participants from all over the world were attending and demonstrating Tung Tai chi skill during that 4 days events.

Montreal Tai Chi Club was very well represented and demonstrated Tai chi Yang, Tai chi sword and Tai chi saber.

Masters from all over the world were feature in the row of the Tung lineage:

On left side of Sifu Jasmine Tung: Dr Chan (Husband), Sifu Tung Kai Ying, Sifu Tung Chen Wei, etc.

On right side of Sifu Jasmine Tung, Sifu and Simo Dong Zheng Chen,  Sifu Alex Dong, Sifu Dong Sui-Fan, Sifu Grace Chui, etc.

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