Learning Tai Chi Chuan

Students who are new to the Tai Chi Club must start with the Beginners classes When the student has completed the beginner class, they can move on to the next part (2 and 3). When the student has completed the part 3, he will know the complete sequence of the Yang form and then fully benefit from the teachings of form, understand the applications and principles. The Ongoing classes are design for students who wants playing the whole Tai Chi set and deepen their practice by revising the form, the principles, the body posture and the intent.

After mastering the Yang form, students can move to Tai Chi Club’s Advanced level where they will learn new forms and techniques such as Hao , Fast Tai Chi, Fa Jin; saber, sword, double sticks and push hands.

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In beginners class, students learn the basic principles and the first part of the Yang form, from movement (1) “Preparation” to movement (14) “Cross hands”, which correspond to the first part of three (3) parts of the Tai chi form.


Part 2 is the second part of the three (3) parts of Tai Chi Yang form. At this stage students have assimilated some basic principles and how to move. They learn movement (15) “Embrace the tiger and return to mountain” to movement (45) “Cross hands”.


In part 3 students are familiar with more than 75% of the movements and learn from (46) “Embrace the tiger and return to mountain” to movement (81) “Cross hands” to complete the Yang form.


In the Ongoing classes students has completed the Yang form. During the classes the group perform the whole Tai Chi set, receive advises from the instructor and review the basic principles.


Students begin to learn advanced forms of Tai Chi such as Hao style, Fast Tai Chi, Fa Jin, sword, sabre, double stick and pushing hands.


Qi Gong is an exercise that promotes health. It is practiced slowly, either static or moving. It is easy to learn by anyone who is interested. Sequences are generally short and repeated several times.

Regular practice of Qi Gong improves well-being and health and increases qi, which is the vital energy that forms the basis of life.

Qi Gong improves health to some extent, acting on cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, insomnia and many other ailments.

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